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Platinum - Yearly Membership (15%OFF)

This tier is for you, if you want personalized advice through one-on-one coaching sessions with me, to help strategically develop and accelerate your comedy career.

You'll receive:

  •  ONE-ON-ONE CAREER CONSULTING - (ONCE PER MONTH) - A 30-minute personalized one-on-one career consultation with Barry Katz at the start of your membership. 
    • Depending on how you want to tailor your sessions, you will have access to my four decades of knowledge regarding acting, stand-up, podcasting, hosting, management, directing, social media, production, writing, voice-over, sketch/improv, TV, film, specials, and all other areas of the entertainment business, to help you achieve and unlock your highest levels of success in the comedy business.

  •  MASTER COURSE - (24 EPISODES) - Video lessons specifically designed to help anyone at any level to accelerate their comedy career. These lessons contain insider information on every aspect of the industry, focusing on how to leapfrog over your competition and dramatically increase your success in the entertainment business.

  •  EXCLUSIVE MEMBER NETWORKING GROUP - Join our community of like-minded professionals and gain access to invaluable resources and support. Our networking group is designed to help you build meaningful relationships with fellow industry experts, while also proving you with the tools you need to take your career to the next level.

    With regular virtual meetings and engaging events, our networking group is the perfect place to connect with others in your field, share ideas and insights, and discover new opportunities. Our members hail from a wide range of specialties, so you're sure to find connections that can help you succeed no matter what your career path.

  •  INDUSTRY STANDARD VIP PASS - The best 50 Industry Standard re-mastered interviews, that are no longer available for free on podcast platforms to the general public...and you will also get each new episode I produce, before anyone else.

  •  COMEDY PHILOSOPHY - Thoughtful analysis of famous industry quotes relating to the respected artists and executives that said them. Personal genuine anecdotes that will connect you to these industry icons and how they think.

  •  COMEDY PICK OF THE MONTH - (ONCE A MONTH) - I share a clip of an artist (or their work), that I admire and think other people should check out as well. I'll discuss stand-up routines, specials, up-and-coming artists, directors, movies, anything relevant to the comedy business.

  •  COMEDY BREAKDOWN ZOOM CALL - (ONCE A MONTH) - A live one-hour breakdown (like a play-by-play in sports) of a famous comedian’s first national appearance, explaining their stand-up techniques while giving valuable information about each artist’s career.

  •  COMEDY CONTENT CONTEST - (ONCE A MONTH) - An opportunity to have your content reviewed by me. The winner gets a FREE 30-minute career consultation and a post on my social media pages. 

  •  COMEDY WISDOM - (50 EPISODES) - Animated shorts featuring the most influential and iconic people in the comedy business -- including Stand-ups, Actors/Actresses, Directors, Producers, Agents, Managers, SNL Cast Members, and more -- giving you full access to their most impactful advice.

  •  GOLD STANDARD - (12 EPISODES) - Exclusive interviews with entertainment luminaries featuring pinpointed advice on how to succeed in the comedy business.

  •  COMEDY IN FOCUS - (12 EPISODES) Montages of comedy industry heavyweights giving their valuable advice on specific vocational areas of the entertainment world.

  •  COMEDY ROUND TABLE ZOOM CALL - (ONCE A MONTH) An exclusive one-hour group video call featuring specialized discussions regarding career advice and groundbreaking strategies that will help you rise above your competitors. These sessions will feature lectures and Q&As from relevant special guest casting directors, agents, managers, TV-film producers, and comedy artists, to help you achieve all your goals and ascend to the top of your profession.

  •  ASK ME ANYTHING ZOOM CALL (ONCE A MONTH) - We will connect on a one-hour group video call where I will answer all of your questions that will help you build an extraordinary comedy career, while simultaneously working towards achieving all of your goals.
  • WRITER'S ROOM ZOOM CALL  - (ONCE A MONTH) - A monthly collaborative meeting to work with Barry and your peers to help develop and strengthen your stand-up and writing. The Writer's Room is a "think tank" to share routines, scenes, or content that needs some punching up, while experiencing the excitement of working together for a common goal and simultaneously paying it forward.



What People Are Saying:

“It quickly became evident, that the listeners responded in a huge way to Barry's sage advice about the business, which relates to people of all walks of life. In all the shows we have done together, there hasn't been one negative comment and he is consistently the most listened to guest since I started Mohr Stories.”

JAY MOHR (SNL/Jerry MaGuire/Pay It Forward)

"Barry's insight is like none other! His perspective on human nature is shaped not only by his extraordinary success in the entertainment industry, but also his perseverance through crushing disappointment. Barry is truly a living legend -- his inspiring wisdom is now available to all of us! Barry's incredible stories and lessons learned along the way apply even to me, a church pastor. I'm grateful!"

Michael (Pastor/Reverend/Podcaster– Atlanta, GA)